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I have been led to say these few words, not at all from a desire to supplement my father鈥檚 biography of himself, but to mention the main incidents in his life after he had finished his own record. In what I have here said I do not think I have exceeded his instructions. � � "I'll never forget those buying trips. Four, five, six of us might go at a time: Sam, me, Don Whitaker, PhilGreen, Claude Harris, Gary Reinboth. We had this budget, and we knew we could spend X amount ofdollars, whatever it was. We would have $10,000 for this department, or $20,000 for that one, right ondown the line. So here we were, a bunch of guys from Arkansas wandering around New York City. Itwas all new to me. I had never been to New York City. Sam would split us up into pairssome wouldbuy domestics, others ladies' tops and bottoms, whatever. 鈥楾he best thing we can do is to leave Alice alone for the present,鈥?he said. 鈥業鈥檒l go up to her after dinner.鈥? � Av天堂影院Av天堂影院首页_日本高清免费一本视频 � Sam has always been clear about his attitude: 'Meet them head-on. Competition will make us a bettercompany.' � LOU PRITCHETT: �