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鈥榊es, sir,鈥?she said. My dad, Thomas Gibson Walton, was an awfully hard worker who got up early, put in long hours, andwas honest. Completely, totally honest, remembered by most people for his integrity. He was also a bitof a character, who loved to trade, loved to make a deal for just about anything: horses, mules, cattle,houses, farms, cars. Anything. Once he traded our farm in Kingfisher for another one, near Omega,Oklahoma. Another time, he traded his wristwatch for a hog, so we'd have meat on the table. And hewas the best negotiator I ever ran into. My dad had that unusual instinct to know how far he could gowith someoneand did it in a way that he and the guy always parted friendsbut he would embarrass mewith some of the offers he would make, they were so low. That's one reason I'm probably not the bestnegotiator in the world; I lack the ability to squeeze that last dollar. Fortunately, my brother Bud, who hasbeen my partner from early on, inherited my dad's ability to negotiate. � The Small House at Allington, 1864 3000 0 0 鈥榊our father doesn鈥檛 like working hours interfered with, my dear,鈥?said Mrs Keeling. 鈥楤ut we鈥檒l do what we can. Anyhow, Mr Silverdale will have to change before he goes to church.鈥? He knew what she meant, and that the sinner had confessed her sin. 99XXXX开心情色站_色五月_激情五月_开心五月天-开心色播网 He had been reading to Isola nearly all day. He was reading to himself now, trying to forget his own grief in the consideration of a leading article which prophecied a European war, and the ultimate extinction of English influence in continental politics. � � � Chapter 1 Learning to Value a Dollar