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I remember those days mostly as a time of always looking around for ideas and items that would makeour stores stand out. Sometime in there the Hula Hoop fad hit real big, and they were flooding thebig-city stores. But the genuine articles, which were made of plastic hose, were pricey and hard for us toget. Jim Dodsonthe fellow who wouldn't sell me the Siloam Springs storecalled me and said he knew amanufacturer who could make hose the same size as the Hula Hoop's. He thought we should go infifty-fifty and make our own Hula Hoops. We did. We made them up in his attic, and sold a ton of themat his stores and mine. Every kid in northwest Arkansas had to have one. Later Jim ended up managing aWal-Mart for us up in Columbia, Missouri, for about fifteen years. � � � � � avtt天堂东京热一道本_爱瑟瑟在线视频_大香焦依人在钱2018_亚洲在线www中文字幕 � Anyway, the next time some overeager, slightly eccentric shopkeeper opens up a business in your neckof the woods, before you write him off too quickly, remember those two old codgers who gave memaybe sixty days to last in my dime store down in Fayetteville. Go check the new store out. See whatthey've got to offer, see how they treat you, and decide for yourself if you ever want to go back. Becausethis is what it's really all about. In this free country of ours, that shopkeeper's success is entirely up to you: Silvino had changed into a special race outfit, a gorgeous turquoise blouse and a white zapete skirtembroidered with flowers along the hem. � 鈥淚 know, dear,鈥?said Lucy. 鈥淚 know you never meant to make me unhappy. It is a trouble that has come on us all; you have more to bear than I have 鈥?and you gave him up, when 鈥?you did what it must have been very hard to do.鈥?