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� � Maybe it was for the best; they could use a day to rehydrate and power up for the hike tomorrow. � It was no help, either, that it was so hard to find out where and when the race might actually takeplace. Caballo had gotten his Web site up, but swapping messages with him was like waiting for anote in a bottle to drift up on the beach. To check e-mail, Caballo had to run more than thirty milesover a mountain and wade through a river to the tiny town of Urique, where he鈥檇 cajoled aschoolteacher into letting him use the school鈥檚 creaking PC and its single dial-up line. He couldmake the sixty-some-mile round trip only in good weather; otherwise he risked slipping to hisdeath off a rain-slicked cliff or getting stranded between raging creeks. Phone service had justreached Urique in 2002, so maintenance was spotty at best; a trail-weary Caballo could arrive inUrique only to find the line had been down for days. Once, he missed checking messages becausehe鈥檇 been attacked by wild dogs and had to abort his trip to go in search of rabies shots. � 99XXXX开心情色站_色五月_激情五月_开心五月天-开心色播网 � � � 鈥淚 arrived late one afternoon at a cave where a woman was just making this drink,鈥?Lumholtz laterwrote. 鈥淚 was very tired and at a loss how to climb the mountain-side to my camp, some twothousand feet above. But after having satisfied my hunger and thirst with some iskiate,鈥?he wenton, 鈥淚 at once felt new strength, and, to my own astonishment, climbed the great height withoutmuch effort. After this I always found iskiate a friend in need, so strengthening and refreshing thatI may almost claim it as a discovery.鈥? Caballo shook his head. He turned away and got into race-ready position. He鈥檇 waited years andrisked his life for this moment. He wasn鈥檛 postponing it for anyone.